I like to think we have a pretty awesome gym. High fives and big smiles are the order of the day. Lots of personal records (PRs) happening around the clock. Inspiring stories of progress as a result of hard work and dedication. Friends being made and relationships being made stronger. Raise the Bar CrossFit is a special place. And we want to keep it that way. With that said, one of the best ways to do that is to lay out a little bit of groundwork in the way of “gym etiquette.” This will help keep the gym clean and safe and the people happy.

  1. Encourage one another. When you’re done with your workout, stick around and cheer your teammates on who are still working. Sometimes you may have to leave right when you are done, and that is okay. But if you can stick around and encourage others, that helps more than you know. Sometimes a simple, “You can do it!” is all it takes to get someone over a physical hump or a mental obstacle. It’s all about being a part of a community of encouragement!
  2. Be honest about your count and your time. If you consistently “cheat” on reps or time, I can promise you the coaches know and other people probably know, too. It’s not worth cheating yourself to just get the best time or most reps on the board. If you feel a workout rep scheme is going to be too challenging for you before the workout starts, talk to a coach and we can help you find ways to scale. If you are cutting reps because you feel you won’t be able to get through a workout otherwise, bring it to the attention of a trainer. We’ll help get you through it, whether by decreasing reps, load, or scaling movements.
  3. Be on time. If you’re not on time, you don’t have time to warm up properly. If you don’t warm up properly, you increase your chance of injury. Of course, we are not going to let that happen, so you end up holding up the class while we make you warm up. In the future, we may consider having “late arrival” WODs posted, ones you can do on your own without interrupting or holding up the class. Believe me, you don’t want to have to be the one to always have to do the late arrival WOD.
  4. Clean up after yourself. Remove bumpers from bars, wipe down bars and pull-up rigs, put away all equipment. If there’s another workout after yours, you can leave out bars and boxes, but everything else can be put away. Keep the chalk over the chalk bin. Chalk is hard to clean out of the mats. Chalk up over the chalk bowl and don’t shake your hands out over the mats. Throw away or recycle empty water bottles and cups and put dirty towels in the laundry bin or bag. This helps keep the gym clean, sanitary, and space cleared for the next class to warm up.
  5. Have your kids clean up after themselves. We are a family friendly box and LOVE having your kids visit. We just ask that you help impress upon them that the playroom is a place they need to help keep clean. Please have your kids pick up toys and put them away before you leave. We will be only putting out one box of toys at a time, which we will change out periodically.
  6. Take care of the equipment. Don’t drop empty bars on the ground. It’s noisy, distracting, and destroys bars. Along the same lines, never drop the 10- and 15-pound bumpers from overhead. Try to get those weights to at least chest level before you drop them. And if you must drop weight, keep your hands on the bar to keep it from bouncing into your neighbors. Safety first!
  7. Greet new people and visitors. Make them feel welcome. It’s always hard to walk into a new place and by being friendly, you’ll make it easier. After all, we were all newbies at one time! A smiling face and an introduction can go a long way!
  8. Pay your dues. We do our very best to keep monthly dues as low as possible, but we can only do that if we can pay the bills. Help us keep the doors open by paying on time. If you’d like, we even have an auto pay option. Talk to Theresa about it if you’d like to sign up or follow the link and sign up online.
  9. Let the trainers do their job. If a coach is trying to give direction, please don’t hold side conversations. Our building echoes and makes it difficult for others to hear. Also, if a coach tells you to reduce weight or scale a movement, please do so. We are trying to keep you safe and keep you moving effectively. I promise you that if you go lighter on the weight and scale when we tell you to until your form is improved you will be able to lift more weight and move faster and better in the long run.
  10. Love yourself. Treat yourself well. Take care of your body and your mental health. Get enough sleep, hydrate, eat well, and get to the gym consistently. If you follow just these four things, your life will improve immensely.