Our CrossFit Kids and Teens classes at Raise the Bar are designed with the younger athlete in mind. Classes are 30-45 minutes in length and are led by a certified CrossFit trainer.

RTB youth will enjoy a fun warm-up and a workout designed for growing bodies modified depending on age and fitness levels.

Studies prove that early exposure to fitness make for fit adults! Get your kids on the right track early and exercise will always be a part of their lives!



Join the fun! This pilot program will allow youth ages 5-11 all about head, heart, hands, and health all while incorporating fitness and fun!

There will be a limited number of spots open so be sure to register ASAP. Youth will need to be enrolled in the 4-H program and Clover Fit Club prior to January 15. Stop by the OSU Extension office to register! Class fees and additional forms can be completed on the first day of class.

More information: Melissa Sherman
541-881-1417 |

6-Week Course

Tues & Thurs | Jan 15- Feb 21

4:00- 5:00 PM

Raise the Bar CrossFit

114 S Oregon St, Ontario

Pre-registration required (Ages as of 9/1/18)

4-H Enrollment Fee*

5-8 years old: $30 | 9-11 years old $35

Raise the Bar CrossFit Fee:

$40 for 1st participant, $30 for additional child within immediate family



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